choosing the right web design agency in Tulsa

How to Choose Your Web Design Agency?

In the modern digital age, websites play a major role for most local businesses, and are not just a pretty paperweight. Once you decide it’s finally time to create that new website or redesign the current site, the first major concern is to choose a web design and layout. But even more important is who will be tasked with building this asset.

Choosing a good web design agency can be complicated and risky. A professional website is the face of your business and the first point of contact for your potential clients, so it’s vital to choose the best in the industry. The question is – how to find the best agencies who understand your business goals and how to appeal to your target audience.


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Factors in Choosing Good Web Design Agencies

The web designer can either make or break your success in the marketplace. Here are a few things to guide you using tested and proven methods from the hiring process.

Make a List of Your Needs and Goals

Before searching for web design companies, be sure to list your own ideas and must-haves. As a business owner, this new site will represent and serve as a marketing tool for your business.

Know whether your own website should generate leads, integrate marketing automation tools, or link email to your platform. Also, consider the familiarity with content management systems, user-friendly navigation, search engine optimization, and static HTML website design.

Search for Web Design Company

Before choosing a web design agency, know your budget and timeline for the project. Start searching for possible web designers, both local and nationwide. Multiple local business directories have made industry research easier for people from around the globe, so make use of that to find who is your preferred solution.


Background checking


Review the Background of the Web Design Partner

The three major things to look for in a good web design company are experience, portfolio, and agency culture.


You must know how long they’ve been in the business and whether they have developed other websites for the same industry. They must have team members who use a systematic process and all the newest fads from development to troubleshooting.


Assess the skills and capabilities using their portfolio to give you an overview of the team’s creativity and coding abilities. Look whether they are developing a separate mobile website, building a responsive design, and following the latest technology and modern design trends.

If you notice that they showcase multiple designs which are an exact replica of one another, it is likely a red flag. Nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for a cookie cutter website that the developer slaps together in an hour.

Agency Culture

Knowing the company’s culture tells a lot about their personality and working style. A quick glance at their Facebook page should tell you a lot about who you will be working with. Easy collaboration and working relationships are achieved during the web design process if everyone is on the same page.

Read Testimonials and Online Reviews

Review sites such as Google and Facebook to give an insight into their customer service. Do a little more digging other than their own site to see the highlights of their works and testimonials of previous clients.

Additional Services

Other than the decent website, check if the agencies offer add-on services such as a marketing department and if they offer ongoing maintenance and optimization services, especially for those without a digital marketing team.


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Choose the Right Web Design Company: Choose US!

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is not easy, but it also should not be a daunting task. As business owners, ask around and pay attention to reviews.

At Direct Allied Agency, we help you achieve your online presence through a custom website, or template designs. Our dedicated design team guarantees not only a pretty website but also a unique website that’s within your money’s worth. Let us make the job of producing a great website while you focus on what you do best!