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Why a Mobile Responsive Website is Necessary in Today’s Generation

Do you know somebody who does not have a smartphone? As mobile devices become mainstream, digital advancements should also keep up to meet what users expect and provide user satisfaction.

Today, one primary consideration in websites is mobile friendliness. Back then, web developers set website dimensions for wide screens like computers only. But, mobile usage has already outranked desktop. An overwhelming majority of smartphone users are unhappy about fixed screen sizes on small screens.

As someone who has a website, this post will help you a lot. We will discuss why a mobile site that is responsive is significant nowadays.

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What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

A mobile responsive website means your site has a flexible layout regarding its design, providing a consistent experience to users. The layout can adapt whether you are a smartphone user or a desktop user. It should have space for tap targets to avoid horizontal scrolling. A responsive website has the capability to adjust to internet users’ mobile screen size.

For instance, if you try to shrink your screen using a tablet or a desktop, you will notice that the text sizes and other elements will shrink too to fit the size of the screen.

Why is Having a Mobile Responsive Web design and Website Important?

Having a responsive web design and website is very significant. It allows your website content to move freely across different screen resolutions and sizes. Aside from that, here are the other reasons why your website should be responsive on mobile devices:

You will have a higher search engine rankings

Responsive websites with mobile responsive design help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google will recognize you as a reliable website if you have a responsive design.

Last March 2018, Google announced that they would be implementing mobile-first indexing. Your website’s mobile responsiveness is a key ranking factor in search engines. If the Google search engine algorithm finds your site lacking in providing a mobile experience to users, you will most likely be ranked down in the search results. Remember, in terms of SEO, what Google says only matters.

You will scale your business

A lot of business owners use websites to promote their products or service. There are instances where they use their site as an online shop. It acts as a platform for potential customers to place and checkout their orders.

Your site should be prepared for both mobile traffic and website traffic. With a responsive web design, you can increase lead generation and get more clients — a factor for business success. Note that a potential customer may go to a competitor if your site is unresponsive.

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You will have a better mobile device user experience

When you provide users with a responsive website design, you are improving user experience.

Users would not want a website that is not mobile-friendly. They will likely be disappointed if they find your site hard to browse. If this happens, it will decrease your sales, and potential buyers will opt for other competitors.

You can save money

Having a responsive design will save you from the cost of having multiple versions of the site. Before, users had separate sites for mobile phones and desktop users to support different devices. Purchasing a lot of links and duplicating your SEO efforts is not cost-effective.

When you have a responsive site, you only need one website with the same URL.

How to Check the Responsiveness of Your Site

  1. The first step to do is to grab your laptop or open your desktop.
  2. Next, go to your site.
  3. After opening it, resize your window from full screen to a smaller size.
  4. You can open and use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.
  5. On the type bar, paste only one URL of the site that you want to test.
  6. After a few seconds, you will see the results. It will define whether you have a responsive design or not.
  7. A green circle indicates that you have a responsive site design for mobiles. However, a red one means that your site lacks a mobile-friendly website.
  8. Google will indicate want went wrong, so you can troubleshoot your site. After that, it will suggest relevant and useful resources for you to learn how to optimize.

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Responsive Web Design on your Mobile vs. Desktop Site

Most websites have a desktop version; only a few have a responsive web design for mobile users. Yet it is still a necessity that your design can automatically adjust with your customer’s device’s screen, layout, and buttons.

It makes sense that the design elements in desktop views are much bigger and have adequate space compared to mobile. But mobile responsive websites are easier to access because they are much smaller and portable.

Let’s create a website friendly to mobile devices!

Your site should have consistent and responsive design elements. It should follow whatever device your user is currently using.

Our dedicated team at Direct Allied Agency has competent web designers to help your site have a responsive layout. We will ensure that through proper web development, your content on each web page is responsive to multiple devices, especially mobile viewers.

Let us make your site responsive so you can ace the multi-screen society. Contact us today!